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Shop Insurance

At Pounder Insurance we pride ourselves on finding the right policy tailored to your requirements.

Getting the wrong advice could impact on your business, your customers and your income. It is therefore imperative that you get the right type of policy to provide the asset protection your business needs.

For many years Pounders have worked with our insurer partners, who are known as consistent leaders in the shop insurance market, providing quality cover for most retail risks.

We have been able to meet the needs of many in the retail sector, whatever the type and size of the shop. This can include property insurance, legal liabilities, business interruption, as well as contents and assets insurance.

In the unfortunate circumstance that a claim arises, as part of the ongoing service we provide, Pounder Insurance will help you deal with any claims queries.

Our friendly staff are available to answer any questions that you may have or advise on any other matters that require face to face advice.

For all your Retail shop insurance needs call us now on 0191 5130066.

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