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Holiday Home Insurance

At Pounder insurance we will search the market place on your behalf providing a comprehensive and flexible service to obtain quotes from the insurance companies who specialise in providing this type of insurance cover.

This is not an easy task as insurers view holiday homes as a high risk, due to the fact that they can be left empty for long periods of time and most insurance companies will not provide cover in these circumstances.

Because the owner isn’t always present  to check the premises, storm related damage, for instance burst pipes, or broken roof tiles can go un-noticed resulting in more damage before the owner realises something is wrong.

The fact that the property can be left empty for longer periods also makes it vulnerable to thieves.

Our experienced staff will provide you with the advice you require to get the right holiday home insurance that suits your particular needs.

In the unfortunate circumstance that a claim arises, as part of the ongoing service we provide, Pounder Insurance will help you deal with any claims queries.

Our friendly staff are available to answer any questions that you may have or advise on any other matters that require face to face advice.

For all your Holiday Home insurance needs, call us now on 0191 5130066.

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